Summarize What The Installation Conditions Of The Heat Exchanger Are


Let’s take a look at why the heat exchanger fouls? When the equipment is working, the environment in which it is located is one of the reasons for fouling. So, let’s take a look at the types of common dirt?

Air heat exchangers are commonly used in high temperature and specific flue gas space areas. In daily life, heat exchangers such as boilers need to use this product for heat exchange performance. Adding finned tubes and other related heat exchange tubes on the surface of the heat exchange tubes can transform the air in the pipes, and then meet specific application purposes. Only need to add some finned tube and other related parts on the surface of the heat exchange tube, which can increase the overall surface area, and then increase the area of the heating area, which fits the heat exchange function of the heat exchanger.

Usually when the air heat exchanger is installed, not only the manual equipment method can be selected to equip it, but also the welding method can be selected to equip it, and the equipment should not be simple and convenient.
safe and stable. However, when choosing a finned tube for artificial equipment, you need to rely on its specific equipment to press it into the equipment manually. Since this operation rule is mainly completed by manpower, due to the size of the manpower in the entire artificial I equipment, the productive equipment may not be in place, or the fins may become loose during use. Therefore, Most of the time, it is still a good choice to choose the brazing method for equipment.

In the process of using the air heat exchanger, the flue gas should not be lower than 380°C, and in the process of use, heating can only be gas burning, if it is burning heavy oil, then the whole
There will be requirements for the distance of the finned tube. In some places, oil-free or high-viscosity residual oil is burnt. These finned tubes cannot be used. Therefore, you need to correctly understand the conditions of these applications in the process of using them.

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