General Manager of Yuda delivered a speech at the Year of the Dragon Annual Meeting


Dear all colleagues of Yuda

Good evening, everybody!

New year new life. Here, on behalf of Wuxi Yuda Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd., I sincerely wish every employee of the company, as well as the family and friends who care and support Yuda, a happy family, all the best, and a dragon-horse spirit in the new year.

After the impact of the epidemic in the past few years, the overall industry sales market has been in a relatively sluggish state. We have also deeply felt the changes in the market and the intensification of competition. Faced with the rapidly changing industry situation, we have encountered many challenges. This year, we have actively explored new market areas and increased investment in research and development. In such a difficult market environment, not only have we not laid off employees or cut employee benefits,but the company's sales have been growing steadily, with sales in 2023 reaching nearly 280 million, an increase of 10%.Steady growth in such an environment is inseparable from the hard work of all colleagues and the active cooperation between various departments. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone for their efforts!

The new year begins a new journey and carries our new dreams. We are standing at a new starting line. We need to overcome past shortcomings, strengthen our quality concept, and strictly control the defective rework rate. In the fiercely competitive market environment, quality is the life of an enterprise and the cornerstone of its development. At work, we must treat every job and every product that passes through our hands as our own business and complete it with care. Only when all Yuda people work together, work together, and advance hand in hand with Yuda, we will get better and better. I believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, we will be able to create a more brilliant tomorrow!

Finally, I would like to thank you all again for your hard work and efforts in the company. I wish everyone a happy Year of the Dragon, good health, smooth work, happy family, and all the best!

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