Warmly congratulate Wuxi Yuda Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd. on its 10th anniversary

December 31, 2016, at the Mashan Sunshine Hotel held in Wuxi Yuda heat exchanger tenth anniversary celebration. 158 Yuda employees and company leaders gathered together to congratulate Wuxi Yuda heat exchanger 10 anniversary.

General Manager of the company, Mr. Guan Chuntao recalled Wuxi Yu Da from 10 years ago, more than 20 people, the annual output value of several million dollars to a small company now has 158 employees, the annual output value reached more than 80 million yuan of the development of Yu The After 10 years of development, Wuxi Yu has become the domestic wind power industry heat exchanger products, one of the leading units. The company has planned a new blueprint for Yuda people, pointing out the direction and new goals of Yuda’s future 10 years.

Yu Da, chairman of the couple to accompany YuDa 10 years of development of 15 old employees awarded the “meritorious employees Award”

Yu Sheng, general manager of Mr. Yu Chuntao, deputy general manager of Mr. Yin Minwei to 69 more than five years old employees awarded loyal employees Award

Yuda departments and employees to actively participate in the 10th anniversary of theatrical performances, the Ministry of export of the pieces of the program, come to the fore, with an overwhelming advantage, won the first prize of theatrical performances.

The second prize of the show: the Ministry of production performance dance, as well as the Ministry of integrated and the Ministry of Finance cooperation three and a half

Post time: Jan-09-2017