10th anniversary celebration

Dear company all the staff and distinguished guests:
Good afternoon everyone!

After ten years of sharpening and growth, Yuda heat exchanger from the hometown of Wuxi to the world.
Looking back on the growth of the decade, the results hard to      come by, the company cadres and staff work together, worked hard. From the beginning of the development of more than a dozen people now more than 100 people on the scale of the enterprise, which embodies all of your heart and sweat, is the pride of all the crystallization. I would like to thank all the shareholders of the company! Thank you for decades to support and care for YuDa’s friends!
2017 is to achieve the national “thirteen five” planning an important year, is the supply side of the structural reform of the deepening year. Over the past decade, we have grasped the overall planning of the country, with considerable development. In the next five years, ten years, we will keep up with national policy and economic development direction, steadily forward. But also the company’s reform and development, management, security and stability, quality service put forward new and higher requirements. We must accurately grasp the situation, enhance the overall consciousness, sense of responsibility and sense of urgency. Beyond the pursuit of excellence. To seize the day and night, the spirit of hard work, seize the opportunity to meet the challenges to achieve the company’s new five years, ten years plan, to a new level.
Looking forward to the new year, we will continue to rely on talent and technology advantages, adhere to market-oriented, cost as the core, innovation as the driving force, one heart and one mind, and work together for all employees to create greater benefits for the company to create Greater efficiency and effort.
On the occasion of the new year, I wish you all: good health! Happy family! Working smoothly! All the best!

Post time: Jan-19-2017