3 in 1 Evaporator Air dryer cooler for Cold Air dryer

Short Description:

Dew point: 8℃

Inlet temp. 38℃

Pressure drop: <0.2

Discharging pressure: 8KG

Product Detail

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Dew point: 8℃ / Inlet temp. 38℃ / Pressure drop: <0.2 / Discharging pressure: 8KG

Model Number: B6004

Brand Name: YUDA

Min. Order: 1 Piece

FOB: Shanghai

Lead Time: 35-40 days

Key Specifications/Special Features 

1、Core: aluminum plate bar structure
2、High heat transfer efficiency and temperature control
3、Large heat transfer area
4、Low noise, withstand high pressure.
5、Production method:Vacuum brazed
6. Fin type: flattop, louvered, serrated, wavy and other fins.
Arrangement of streams in counter-flow, cross-flow or crosscounter-flow

Delivery Details

HS Code: 87089190

Packing: Wooden case


The whole machine is compact in structure, reliable in heating, and easy to assemble and maintain.

Working principle

※Moist and high-temperature compressed air flows into the precooler (for high-temperature type) to dissipate heat and then flows into the heat exchanger to exchange heat with the cold air discharged from the evaporator, reducing the temperature of the compressed air entering the evaporator.
After the heat exchange, the compressed air flows into the evaporator and exchanges heat with the refrigerant through the heat exchange function of the evaporator. The heat in the compressed air is taken away by the refrigerant, the compressed air is rapidly cooled, and the moisture in the moist air reaches the saturation temperature and quickly condenses. The condensed water is condensed to form water drop.

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